This was written in 2005 specifically for my high school English class. Note that there's an actual structure, rhyming, and whatnot. It's not a poem I'm proud of, but I find it amusing to read once in a while.


They say that TV rots your innocent mind,
Like how they say candy rots your teeth.
But I just throw that thought away
To watch my favorite character curl up on the beach.

There's lots and lots of shows to watch
On that marvelous, intriguing screen TV.
There's drama, and action, and romance,
And some of that good old comedy.

The familiar theme music begins to play,
And you're ready for anything on your sofa.
You know you're in for a real good time
Once a Greek family chants and yells, "Opa!"

But then, alas, the mystery's nearly solved.
The episode is at an end.
You finish your chip and dip just when...oh!
Your television set has broken again!

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