I Continue On was written sometime in spring of 2005. It was either for my high school English class or I ended up using it in English class; I'm not entirely sure. But it is a personal favorite of mine and was inspired by this gorgeous lake I used to play around a lot when I was younger.

I Continue On

It's a cool summer evening, and an orchestra of crickets are at play.
Breezes flicker by, teasing my face,
But I continue on.
Accompanied by wandering fireflies, my eyes look around as if to find
Hidden treasure amidst the beckoning darkness.
Step, step, step. Splash.
My sandals are wet with the remains of a rainshower,
But I continue on.
Though my friends choose to delay, I hasten to reach the glittering end.
Alas, only a few more feet.
Swish, swish, swish.
I soar across the grass, arms synchronized alongside me
While birds scatter about, allowing me through.
My fingertips grasp onto the wood while I catch my breath, then
I sit on the shiny bench and gaze at the sunset.
The purple, the pink, the red, the orange, the yellow
Melt together miraculously while I watch.
This is why I continue on.

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