You have stumbled upon the humble abode proudly named Stargazer. Please, take off your shoes and make yourself at home.

This is the property of an entity known simply as Raisy. That...would be me. Most would label this a personal website—I choose to define it as a snazzy shoebox full of my odds and ends. Take caution as you tread around these parts; Obi-Wan, my faithful watchdog, is watching you.

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A Brief Introduction

The mysterious being behind this long overdue project is a 20-something whose real first name is often butchered on the first try. She has been hacking and whacking away at this place for years on end (and I mean years), molding it to fit her everchanging self. An ordinary girl who often dreams of doing and experiencing extraordinary things, this kid hopes to one day conquer the world.

Now that you have concluded reading this tedious introduction to her zany reality, perhaps you would like to know more?


July 26, 2011

My oh my, it's been a while. No major updates to report; just did a little late summer cleaning and CSS changes. Still hoping to add more content in the coming weeks, heh. >_<

September 19, 2010

Greetings from Costa Rica! Currently, I am living here as an exchange student until December, but somehow I've found time to make my way back to this site. I've done a quick clean-up, updating links and whatnot. The I am... and Favorites page looks a little more substantial now, and I'm hoping to add some more things in the coming weeks.

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Last updated July 26, 2011.

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